Politechs, Inc.

Politechs, Inc. is an activism, communications, development and fundraising consulting and services group that provides a full menu of conventional and Internet based solutions to your organizational needs. We specialize in online messaging and solicitation, computer programming, data processing, financial support and fiscal reporting services designed for not-for-profit, political and other conservative citizen organizations. Our experienced professional associates assist our clients in crafting effective email and social media messaging; soliciting membership, activism and contributions; and receiving pledges and donations over the Internet safely and securely with their own organizational landing pages, via a simple but highly secure online transactions procedure fully facilitated by our propriety professional system.

Our services help ensure that activist messaging, support and donation pledges on behalf of our client not-for-profit organizations are solicited, processed, acknowledged and reported in accord with the myriad of state and federal privacy, banking, tax and election laws and regulations with which many small and start-up non-profits struggle to comply. Our services interface with our clients' own online merchant and/or banking accounts, and they may select cafeteria-style from our many professional offerings. Whether acting as organizational consultants, full-service registered fundraising consultants, or providing services on a boutique basis, Politechs, Inc. is responsible for seeing that all the communications and funds we handle for our client groups and causes are maintained with integrity, delivered in legal compliance, and securely routed to and received by the organization designated in every contact with Politechs, Inc.