Communications strategies

To establish a receptive opinion climate and reach your desired audience, Politechs and PRiMeR custom-design highly differentiated communications strategies for our clients. Note that the proliferation of new media venues, the advent of media narrowcasting versus broadcasting, and an increasingly ideologized press mean targeted communications are a must. To achieve success, investments of manpower, money, and message must be strategically placed.

PRiMeR's opinion model gets across your message by employing symbols and language proven to promote the understanding of complex issues within selected or targeted opinion groups. Messages are then clarified and refined using focus or dial groups, and additional surveys if needed.

Once your core constituency is well defined, then your message can be successfully delivered and you can achieve your desired results. Even complex organizational objectives can be fueled with powerfully focused messaging–via direct mail, telemarketing and Internet fundraising. These can be deployed to reach groups of people who are often not effectively courted by conventional campaigns, but who respond to compelling presentations with integrity in the "war of ideas."

Politechs' policy, political and charitable group campaign management and fundraising experience is extensive, encompassing issues and policy advocacy, state and federal initiatives, and candidacies for the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and presidential primary contests.

Over two decades, Politechs has designed grassroots organizing strategies and marketing messaging techniques, and developed preferred vendor relationships with direct mail, telemarketing and Internet communication groups, that have successfully advanced and fundraised for countless conservative Republican and conservative independent candidates on all levels, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations, 501 (c)(4) grassroots lobbying and advocacy organizations, federal Political Action Committees (PACs) and state and national Republican Party affiliated organizations.