Media placement

Politechs' unique opinion model, developed by PRiMeR, provides an effective approach to message positioning and placement. PRiMeR collects attitudinal data, along with data about the media use of respondents, in the same survey questionnaire. Media data are then mapped, using the opinion model.

This allows Politechs and PRiMeR to match opinion groups with information sources. As a result, your messages are comprehensively targeted or designed to appeal to specific opinion groups, and then placed or delivered through the medium to which those groups are most likely to turn for information. This may be specific cable or broadcast television networks, talk radio with particular hosts, certain national-circulation news magazines–or in the new social media age, this may mean a heavy emphasis on web-based digital, direct communications that bypass mediating filters. Web and mobile applications, mining and refinement of data, are all part of the equation of properly aligning your targeted audience with your targeted message!

Politechs' services aim to provide our clients and candidates precisely what they need to develop an effective grassroots campaign structure, national political stature, favorable public relations, and a successful media and fundraising profile, that work together to help ensure victory in their electoral contests, and growth throughout their political and public careers.